"Les œuvres de ce peintre me touchent beaucoup."

Translation:This painter's works of art really move me.

June 29, 2020

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"This painter's works really move me" is a less clunky translation of this sentence, "works of art" is redundant!


this painters works touch me greatly. seems to be correct.... what do you all think?


"This painter's work" sounds better to me.


Unfortunately, that would mean you have to change the verb from plural to singular.


'Of art' is redundant


An artist's "œuvre" is what is used (in English) to describe their body of work - either up to the current date and continuing to add to it, or a lifetime's work. "Of art" is basically a tautology. Totally unnecessary.


"This painter's oeuvres move me a lot." accepted 2021-02-25.

(And yes, "oeuvre" can also refer to an individual work of art in English, i looked it up to make sure.)

edit: i'm guessing we're getting downvoted by people who don't know the English word "oeuvre". It's not an everyday sort of word, you wouldn't drop it in a casual conversation, but if you were writing an article about art, it's fine.

Usually if there's an English word that looks like the French word, i'll try it.


Isn't vraiment used for really in previous lessons?


Guess what, when writing works of art, I left "of" away, and wrote art works. It was accepted :)


"of art" is implicit in the word "oeuvres" given we are talking about a painter. It unnecessary and clunky. Also what is wrong with "a lot" for beaucoup, especially as "vraiment" has been used before.


What about 'The works of this painter affect me a lot'.

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