"My parents are from China."

Translation:I miei genitori vengono dalla Cina.

May 13, 2013

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So is parents an exception? ( mio padre, mia madre, but I miei genitori.) grazie!


Singular family members don't have a definitive article before them while in plural they have.

example :

  • Mio fratello รจ buono.
  • I miei fratelli sono buoni.

check this also http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare124a.htm


Da or di? Whichever one i pick is wrong. The madhousae calls!


Quite! Why is it da? Surely you come from a place not of it? Sono di ... or vengo da, no?


am I incorrect in thinking one can say " sono di Londra" meaning " I am from London" ?


Yes.....A sentence such as......'I come from Rome' ......has two meanings in English

  1. I was in Rome and now I have travelled here...I. I come from Rome. = Vengo da Roma

  2. I am from Rome = Sono di Roma....... Meaning I was born in Rome... (Sono nato a Roma)

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