"Après vous avoir répété son secret, j'avais honte."

Translation:After repeating her secret to you, I was ashamed.

June 29, 2020

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How is someone to know "I" was the person and not "you"? After you repeated her secret, I was ashamed


No, your sentence cannot translate the french example. Here vous is an indirect object pronoun. It can't be a subject pronoun, or the verb would be conjugated, and not in the infinitive form.


Why is it her secret and not his secret? How can you tell?


"after having repeated his secret to you i had been ashamed" - why is this marked incorrect?


Wrong tense: "I had been ashamed" => "j'avais eu honte".

In addition, using the pluperfect places the shame prior to the telling of the secret, so your sentence makes no logical sense unless you change "After …" to "Before …".

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