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"The entire family will go sailing this weekend."

Translation:Toute la famille ira naviguer ce week-end.

June 29, 2020



From this I guess that a family operates as one object rather than a group of individual people - so we use the il/elle/on construction rather than ils/elles


In many languages you can describe a group of individual people with a singular noun. A family, a band or a team are singular in english as well.


From https://www.onestopenglish.com/grammar/grammar-reference/american-english-vs-british-english/differences-in-american-and-british-english-grammar-article/152820.article : "In British English, collective nouns, (i.e. nouns referring to particular groups of people or things), (e.g. staff, government, class, team) can be followed by a singular or plural verb depending on whether the group is thought of as one idea, or as many individuals...." "In American English, collective nouns are always followed by a singular verb...."


Could you say sonething like "La famille entière ira naviguer ce week-end."


in a few exercises way back, your construction was accepted, and the translation "whole family" was also used.


Yes, it was marked correct.


La famille entiere naviguera ce week end..


Can "naviguer"mean 'boating" (boat is motorized not sail-powered)? I was fooled and thought "voilier" was also a verb

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Toute la famille partira à la voile ce week-end.

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