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"Se on ohi. Nähdään myöhemmin!"

Translation:It is over. See you later!

June 29, 2020



What a fitting sentence for the last skill of the course. :'(


I said myself exactly the same. Se on jo ohi :,(


When does the course continue?


The full course is to be released in December, if I remember it right.


Was it supposed to be released last year (2020)? Because it is now July 22, 2021 and I'm at the last lesson.


I think two things happened. The first was koronapandemia has delayed almost everything everywhere. The second was a decision by Duolingo that they hire people to be responsible for the development of the courses. Given these two, I am afraid that all previously announced schedules are off.


we're getting emotional

[deactivated user]

    Just a quick question about ohi and the way it is used. According to wiktionary it has some conjugations like ohessa, ohesta, oheen. I was wondering if Finns actually use those conjugated forms of ohi.


    The declined forms have very different meanings than the plain "ohi" (esp. as it's used to mean "over", "finnished", "gone"):



    FYI: verbs have conjugations, nouns/adjectives/pronouns/numbers have declinations (or declensions)

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks for the reply. I really should have clicked the declensions.


      Ohi is an adverb and some adverbs have some declensions, usually very few. Since ohi is associated with a location, it has a couple of interior cases and at least one so called adverbial case (I can't remember if there are others): ohessa, ohesta, oheen, ohella, ohitse (oheinen is a derivation, an djective). As AgnusOinas says, these have specialised meanings.


      Adverb? I thought it was an adjective.


      I should probably add ohi to the article Those tiny words that make a difference.


      The previous exercise had ohi but it was one of those that don't have hints. I was lucky to guess the right answer because I had no context because I did not understand the sentence.


      Are more levels still coming or is the course really finished now?


      The course is still in beta, so I believe they'll keep improving it, editing the mistakes etc. and will add to it when they get the chance. Most likely there will be new levels at some point.

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