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"Well, where is the cell phone?"

Translation:No, missä kännykkä on?

June 29, 2020



Why is 'on' at the end here?


For questions using most question words including "missä", the question word is followed by the rest of the words in the same order as they would be in a statement, which is different from English. (See the tips page for "The North" lesson if you're on desktop.)


Thanks, that's very helpful.


I'm faily confident that both orders are acceptable, they have different emphasis. Finnish word order is flexible and serves similar purposes to English tonal emphasis.


Is "No, missä on kännykkä?" wrong?


Well, it's not really wrong to say that, but in that case the question is more like "well, where's a cellphone?".


Yes, after most question words like "missä", the word order follows same the same order as in a declarative statement, so subject first then verb.


The best answer I've seen to this question is that "onko" is used for questions that can be answered with a yes or no. Anything that requires a more detailed answer will have the "on" at the end. I am not a native Finnish speaker, so if this is not correct someone please let me know!


Onko at the beginning of a sentence means "Is.........?" When "on?" ends a sentence the question starts with one of the several interrogatories, eg mitä, mikä, missä, miten, kuinka, etc

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