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"I'm not aware of anything, Mrs. police officer."

Translation:Je ne suis au courant de rien, madame le policier.

June 29, 2020



"Mrs. Police Officer" ??

Let's hope that the people who write these sentences speak French better than they speak English.


Well, frankly, I wouldn't say Madame le policier either.


I agree; it sounds really flip, as well as being grammatically dubious.


Please, can you tell us how we should address a police officer in France, if the situation arises?

Is there an equivalent to the English "officer"?

v Merci Timmy. That's easy enough to remember.


People usually say, « Monsieur », like in any other courteous exchange.


Angus, you'd be disappointed (as we both are, frequently!). French people just use Monsieur/Madame.


Please, could you tell us (non native people) how would an English speaker say that? Thanks!


M.parlange, you'd be safe addressing a policeman (or woman) as "Officer".

If you know his or her rank, in the UK we often use that.


Thank you very much, TimmyKilminster.


One could say, I'm not aware of anything ma'am


Mr and Mrs Duolingo, we do not say Mrs police officer. She would take it as a big insult. IS ANYONE THERE?


They don't come to look at the forum. If you have anything to bring up with them, click on the flag and either just tick an appropriate box or write down the problem under "something else".

If you have a problem with the app you want to tell them about, go to your personal section and click on feedback. Though don't expect an answer.

Those who help us out are volunteer mods and they have no more connections to the makers of the app than we do. HTH


"..., Madame la policière" is accepted.


Why would any of you capitalize Mrs./Missus/Madame and not what follows it? This makes no sense to me in either language. Which is it, capitalized or not?


Duo, it's just :officer in English


Or "Constable", "Sergeant" etc in the UK - though we use "officer" too, of course.


Sadly Duo does not read this forum


"Mrs Police Officer"??? Really? Duo, who is writing your questions? This would NEVER be said by a native speaker. In my country, you could easily end up on a charge for just speaking to a police officer in this fashion. Please do better quality control on these modules.


Yes, really hoping this section isn't on the reverse tree and some poor French person, thinking this is polite, ends up in a station!


It might be a clumsy form of address, but it made the point to me, in quite a memorable way, that a female police officer can be 'le policier' Also that if you use the feminine form, the ending needs to change accordingly.


Madame la policière ?


Je ne suis au courant de rien, Mme l'officier de police. Why mark this wrong for simply a more awkward address?

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