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Finnish is amazing.

I have just started learning finnish and it is a lovely new language , i was excited to learn FINNISH from the first day and now finaly we have got it on the site.

Thank you duolingo and all the contributors of the language .

June 30, 2020



Many thanks to those who made this course a reality.

From here in the US, I'm fascinated by very different nuances Finnish words have compared to other languages I have explored. There are a lot more words than sisu that aren't easily translateable, with their full richness, into English.


Ihana and taulu. Two more words fr you that defy attempts to translate them into English :)


The tips are great! Big thank you to the developers for adding them. This makes Finnish a real course to learn the language, not just some useful phrases or words.


Welcome / Tervetuloa ! Hei / Moi

Yes Finnish is amazing and quite different from other languages. I suppose you are from India ( and may be you are in India ) - how are you progressing in the language ? How difficult do you feel it is ?


well yes i am from india , and i have just done a lesson or two in finnish so i can't say it is much progressive but yeah i am sure that finnish is also a great language just like spanish


Just started Finnish, but really enjoying it as well. It seems like a lovely language. The next language on my "wish list" for Duolingo is Croatian.


I am of Finnish heritage. Grew up with the Suomen kieli.( Been to Finland twice. Have relatives there.) Being old now, the quest to speak the language is strong, even though I don't have anyone to converse with. There is a lot of vocabulary still in my head. Learning more vocabulary, many more words are coming to the fore. Unfortunately the grammar part didn't come with the vocabulary. The conjugations, etc. I had started a Spanish session, of which I didn't get past lesson two. I hadn't seen Finnish on the list of languages. So I too had been waiting for the language to appear on duolingo. I have become addicted to learning or should I say developing my knowledge of the Suomen kieli. They say one has to think in the language being learned to fully GET IT.


I´ve been waiting for this a long time. Finally we have a finnish course. I wonder how hard the lessons will become.

Many thanks to the contributors and to duolingo.


Finnish is wonderful! I was hauled back into Duolingo after an absence of, say, two years when I read that I could at long last learn Finnish (yay!). The sound of this language and its spelling are really fantastic.


yeah i love it too.


Yes! Kiitos to all those who put in the work to make this course possible! I can't wait to see how it grows and evolves over time, hopefully one day it can be as detailed as French or German! :)


I like that to me as a native English speaker, it's similar to English grammatically by means of...no gender, and the very basic word order is like English too. It seems easier than even Dutch which sounds odd lol. But yes I agree, I like the regularity and logic of the grammar having done the first tree already.


You'll be amazed at the temporal forms once you get that far in your studies. They work almost 1:1 the same as in English, with the exception that there's no distinction between present tense and future tense. Still:

I have been = Minä olen ollut

I was = Minä olin

I had been = Minä olin ollut

I had been eating = Minä olin ollut syömässä

I have been eating = Minä olen ollut syömässä

I find it really fascinating how English has ended up with Finnish temporal forms. My guess that somehow they have been copied from Swedish to both languages. English is a child of German and French, basically, and in neither of them do temporal forms work like in English. But in Finnish they do. It's weird. And practical.


That's until you reach the weird cases XD

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