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  5. "Minulla on pupu."

"Minulla on pupu."

Translation:I have a bunny.

June 30, 2020



This is already covered in the tips for this lesson (accessed through the browser version—direct link on duome.eu), but I will reiterate here.

minulla is the adessive case of minä. Since Finnish does not have a verb equivalent for English have, it is instead expressed with:

the adessive form of the given pronoun + third-person singular indicative present of olla—”on”.

For our phrase, the literal translation would be “At me is a bunny.”


Riiight yes yes ok...I was wondering because I looked up the Finnish cases...and it showed that it was a locative case. Reminded me of Irish since in Irish you say ''the book is at me''...not...''i have the book''. Very peculiar Finnish doesn't have ''have'' either.


I was just about to say, I've done a little of the Irish course ehre and they do the same thing.


Why is I have a pupu not accepted? I have this problem now where I type the finnish instead of the English but surely it just means the app is working?

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