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  5. "Millainen koira se on?"

"Millainen koira se on?"

Translation:What kind of dog is it?

June 30, 2020



millainen is a contraction of minkälainen—of which is formed by minkä (“what”) + suffix -lainen (“kind of”). For our case, suffix -lainen can be further traced back to laji (“kind, sort”—borrowed from an old form of Swedish slag!) + suffix -inen (akin to “having the quality of”).

minkälainen may be used in place of millainen (though largely replaced by the latter), especially if one wants to stress that word or the question's importance.


Was wondering where the word comes from, since it seems to hold a lot of information but no rules/origin were described for it. Kiitos!


If I would like to say "what kind of dog is X" x being name of the floofer


Millainen koira X on ?

be how to insert this, or does it need to be adjusted


That's perfect! Hyvä!


What kind dog it is

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