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  5. "A cute bunny!"

"A cute bunny!"

Translation:Söpö pupu!

June 30, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Are blue and white cute parakeets, naughty and good dogs and cats the best way to learn Finish? I think the algorithm here is seriously in need of improvement. At least use a few more relevant sentences, not many people (especially in Finland) own blue rabbits, additionally, pupu is a name used generally by slang, and a pet rabbit is also kani


    It's not a matter of learning useful sentences: Duo teaches you grammar by example. You learn structures and then have the freedom to build your own sentences by following the patterns.
    Basically: it's teaching you how to fish rather than give you a fish.


    This is still in beta.


    Whats wrong with being creative? What if its about pointing out a blue rabbit in a game or something


    Söpöjä pupuja ovat erittäin tärkeitä.



    Söpöt puput ovat erittäin tärkeitä.

    Söpöjä pupuja on mukava silittää.


    Does it have to always be 'adjective - noun' in Finnish? Can it be the other way around? (ie, pupu söpö?)


    Yes to the first question and no to the second one.


    Well, in poetry etc. you do see noun first, adjective(s) second, but in general it's always adjective(s) followed by a noun.


    I'm going to get a bunny just so I can say this xD

    Does pupu specifically refer to bunnies and not rabbits as a whole?


    Bunny=pupu ; rabbit=jänis


    Not quite. jänis is a hare. The word for a rabbit is kani. Both can be called pupu. :)


    So, it’s Vatanens Jänis ?


    If you translate the French title back to Finnish, it would be "Vatasen jänis". The original title is Jäniksen vuosi, "The Year of the Hare". :)

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