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"Our apologies, we do not have any tea."

Translation:Olemme pahoillamme, meillä ei ole yhtään teetä.

June 30, 2020



I think "yhtään" goes without saying. That would correspond to "no tea at all", as far as I can tell.


I agree. It's superfluous


is yhtään needed in this sentence?


In many other examples tee on loppu would be the correct sentence


Yhtään can be on either side of teetä

[deactivated user]

    I don't believe it can, if you wanted something after the tea it could be olenkään for example


    I know there is no 'but' in the English sentence, but we would have been seriously told off at school if we'd written a sentence like that without a connecting word. To me, it sounds much more natural to say: "Olemme pahoillamme, mutta meillä ei ole yhtään teetä". To my ear the English sentence would also be better as "our apologies but we do not have any tea".

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