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"How many people can draw well?"

Translation:Kuinka moni ihminen osaa piirtää hyvin?

June 30, 2020



Can I say "moniko ihminen"?


Yes, you can. Another option is miten moni. :)


That reminds me of the "mitten man" song


Does "kuinka monta ihmisiä..." carry the same meaning?


1) You cannot generally use the partitive for the subject of a sentence. 2) That is a mix of singular (monta) and plural (ihmisiä). It is either "monta ihmistä" or "monia ihmisiä".

Disclaimer: I am not a native Finnish speaker.


Good point, thanks! I was confused because of the existential sentences, where ihminen is indeed the object (i.e. kuinka monta ihmistä on maapallolla).


Is "Montako ihmistä osaa piirtää hyvin" corrects? Or maybe it's more spoken language?


If you want to use it as a subject, it needs more context and a more limited group, even in spoken language. Something like Montako ihmistä tässä luokassa osaa piirtää hyvin?, "How many people in this class can draw well?". moniko is used with more general groups. OR. It needs to be the object: Montako ihmistä he piirtävät?, "How many people will they draw?". :)


Why is ihminen plural? Why not ihmistä? I dont understand the former explanations.


It is not plural, but the construction looks something like "how many of person" and not "how many people". It may sound weird but languages sometimes can't be translated word to word. That's why it is not plural and also is not supposed to be plural.

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