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  5. "Asumme nykyään Sveitsissä."

"Asumme nykyään Sveitsissä."

Translation:We live in Switzerland nowadays.

June 30, 2020



Shouldn't "we now live in Switzerland" also be acceptable?

Also, I think it would sound more natural to say "Nowadays, we live in Switzerland".

Answers and opinions welcome.


I think the most natural is "We live in Switzerland nowadays". This is because of the subject-verb-object-manner-place-time rule in English, so the time adverbial should be placed at the end by default. "We live nowadays in Switzerland" sounds very much like Finglish.


Nowadays is almost old fashioned in English


I think "these days" should be accepted since nowadays is kind of old fashioned - I can't recall that last time I saw it used outside Duolingo


Interestingly, the recorded use of "nowadays" has GROWN steadily over the last 35 years and is now more prevalent in written English than it was at its prior peak around 1900.


Nowadays is more naturally placed at the start or end of the sentence

[deactivated user]

    "We currently live in Switzerland " should also be correct


    why do we have to put "ä" instead of "a" at the end of Sveitsissä


    Because it's preceded by a front vowel.

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