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what happens if you fail a mastery test three times?

Just curious to see what happens if you fail the test to master a section three times. Thanks!

August 16, 2012



SeniorTako: if you fail the test three times, it means you have to slog on until you master the unit, which means completing all the lessons, and then hitting "refresh this skill" and doing refresher lessons over and over until you rack up the balance of the points required. I've had to do this a few times now. For one unit, Adjectives 2 in French, there are more than 400 points to get, and I failed the test three times. It took me a couple of weeks of an hour a night to rack up those remaining points. It was a huge slog of an effort, but now I have a pretty good grasp of the topic. It's worth doing it the hard way when you're having trouble with a unit, imho.


basically you can't do a test again on that subject


Yeah I guess the point is that if you can't pass the test you should go through the lessons.

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