"Tu sais qui est apparu pendant notre fête ?"

Translation:Do you know who appeared during our party?

June 30, 2020

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Duo the partygoer!


From this I learn that 'Dr & Mrs Vandertramp' is not an exhaustive list.


Usually apparaître takes être, but you can use avoir to shade the meaning! Google "apparaître être ou avoir". Fascinating. I couldn't accurately summarize what I found, but maybe Sitesurf or one her peers could weigh in.


Apparently, there are verbs that don't always follow the rule.

Please take a look over here: http://www.french-linguistics.co.uk/grammar/avoir_or_etre_rare.shtml


My whole life has been a lie!

Just gotta roll with it.

Comme nous disons dans notre cours de Français, il y a toujours des exceptions!


Who appeared during our party? What does this mean? I have heard "Do you know " who attended our party, who was present in our party,. Who was appearing in our party.......but who appeared during our party.......someone please clear.......thanks


Do you know who appeared at our party? should be accepted

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