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  5. "Olen todella pahoillani."

"Olen todella pahoillani."

Translation:My deepest apologies.

June 30, 2020



Maybe "I am really sorry" could also be a good translation?


Sounds good to me! Did you report it using the flag?


Yep, trying to report all of those I find having an error or better translations. Maybe the comments also help :)

[deactivated user]

    This is stretching the translation here especially since we don't know the context. The basic translation is I am very / really sorry. and should be accepted. The issue is the more creative DL tries to be with translations, the more they move away from the actual sentence, and the less likely it is for us to get the answer. This sort of bloating of translations has a place when one can easily follow the language or context, but when this is the case, bare in mind, there are always going to be many versions that essentially follow the meaning. However, for now, why don't DL just keep it simple??

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    I wouldn't necessarily call it bloated, but I was wondering what kind of mishap happened in the kitchen to warrant that kind of apology. :D

    As of 8/14, "I am very sorry" is accepted.


    'My deepest apologies' is a very formal way of saying 'I am very sorry' and very few people speak in such a formal way.


    I am truly sorry which is a pretty literal translation was also rejected.


    I'm absolutely sorry, should be fine too, no? After all it's "olen".


    Nobody says "my deepest apologies " anymore unless they're mimicking an old English actor


    “My sincere apologies “ not acceptable?

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