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  5. "Mirri istuu ja Musti seisoo."

"Mirri istuu ja Musti seisoo."

Translation:Mirri sits and Musti stands.

June 30, 2020



Finnish Verbs conjugation (On positive present progressive) :

"vr" = Verb root

"vsc" = Verb subject conjugation

Examples with the verb "itkea"(cry) ("itkea" 's vr = "itke"

Infinitive = vr + a

•I [Minä]- vr + n (itken)

•You [Sinä]- vr + t (itket)

•We [Me]- vr + mme (itkemme)

•You (plural) [Te]- vr + tte (itkette)

•He/She \It [Hän\Se]- vr + the last vowel other time (itkee)

•They [He]- vr + vat

For the asking mode, you need to

•Asking Mode: vr + vsc + ko


Note that itkeä ends with an ä. Likewise, you need to preserve the vowel harmony when using itkevät and itkenkö, itketkö, itkeekö, etc.


Thank you so much. This is really helpful.


Fun fact: There is a pet store chain in Finland called ''Musti ja Mirri''.

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