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  5. "He ratsastavat usein."

"He ratsastavat usein."

Translation:They ride often.

June 30, 2020



"They often ride" should be accepted.


Yes, and in fact is more natural English than "they ride often".


Isnt this sentence weird in english or is it just me?


It is, you generally need to specify the object for this sentence to sound natural in English. Alternatively, you could translate it as "They often ride," and that sounds better.


They ride often - if i heard this said in Finland, would i assume they are riding a bus, horse, bicycle, reindeer, taxi? Or would a typical Finnish listener be left wondering as much as this statement leaves me?


In Finland it's almost always a horse: ratsastaa hevosella. It could also be a donkey but they are rare in Finland


It would be "he ajavat usein" for a bike or a motor vehicle.


Strangely enough, everyone seems to be complaining about "often" being after the verb but that's the way I would say it as a native English speaker in North America. If I say "They often ride" I feel like I'm missing a noun at the end. "They often ride..." the bus... a horse... a motorcycle... etc. Imagining it as part of an exchange, if it went - "Do they ride horses?" - "Why yes, they ride often." Sounds normal. - "Do they ride horses?" - "Why yes, they often ride." Fine, I suppose? But not the way I would say it in normal conversation. Goes to show how different people's dialects are.


Heh, "he" keeps throwing me off as an english "he." XD


They are often riding?


They often ride - Adverbs of frequency before the verb.

[deactivated user]

    I agree, flagged. There are several issues in this section already, I hope once beta is ready the release will be better!


    Thank you for reporting it.

    "They often ride" was accepted on July the 26th, 2020.


    There are lots of differences between British and American usage, and the app should recognise and accept both. "They ride often" is probably more common in the US, where stringent grammar rules often give way to more common vernacular.


    I've never heard of someone saying "They ride often" by itself like that, and I'm from the American Midwest.


    A normal exchange in English would be:

    "Do they ride much?"

    "Yeah, they ride pretty often".

    Or "Do they have their own horses?"

    "Nah, they're often just riding their friends' horses"

    So I feel context is the answer to this syntax question.


    I see this applied to specific roller-coaster rides or biking.


    I believe ratsastaa is only used for riding animals. There's ajaa for riding trains, bikes, and other vehicles, and also verbs like pyöräillä for bikes. See here.

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