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"Syötkö sinä munkkia vai onko tuo lörtsy?"

Translation:Are you eating a jelly doughnut or is that a lörtsy?

June 30, 2020



On any given grocery store shelf in Finland, "munkki" will be used to refer to donuts. It doesn't matter if there is jelly or not, or whether there is a hole in the middle. The only possible reason I can imagine that they'd include, let alone insist on, "jelly" here is a failed attempt to distinguish between "donutsi" (doughnuts with holes, which may or may not have jelly) and "munkki" (any donut). Anyone trying to get a good understanding of the difference in the terms is recommended to compare Google image search results. Jelly is irrelevant, do please don't be misled here.


Well, you can't really mix up donut with a hole and lörtsy. If you see a hole, the question is pointless. But yes, just doughnut should also be an accepted translation, I have added it.


Yeah, no complaints about lörtsy, just "jelly donut" for "munkki".


If you've added it, why was I just marked incorrect for using just doughnut?


It takes a while (a week or two, usually) for Duolingo to update the changes made.


I got tricked by the jelly too :( Even omar munkki dont have jelly in it


And to add to the mix, if you do feel the need to say more than donought, in British English, it's still more likely to refer to a jam donought than a jelly one

[deactivated user]

    Jelly is only jam in the USA, in the rest of thr English speaking world its the same as the American jello


    Munkki is doughnut, not jelly doughnut

    [deactivated user]

      Too much wrong with this translation to mention.


      Why wouldn't "are you eating jelly doughnut or is that lortsy?" not work? It's not clear to me why the correct translation needs to have "a doughnut" and "a lortsy"


      I feel the same way. I reported it also.

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