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  5. "Aino on hyvä nainen."

"Aino on hyvä nainen."

Translation:Aino is a good woman.

June 30, 2020



Culturally speaking, what makes "a good woman" in Finnish culture? I ask because that phrase can carry a lot of cultural "baggage" here in the US.


I suspect she most likely needs to know how to ice-skate across a frozen lake and how to track down a Moose, and must also have a really dark sense of humour and a strong dislike for small talk.


Don't forget the sisu.


I don't know about that, but I assumed this was more of a moral statement, where 'woman' is just an incidental descriptor that could easily be exchanged with 'person'.


To be honest, I'd expect to see this Finnish phrasing in a historical novel or a movie from the 1920's, so the "baggage" is probably quite similar.


The correct answer doesn't seem to work.


What did you type, then?


Is Äinö a boy's name and Aino a girl's name?


No, Äinö is not a Finnish word. Väinö is a male name, though. (And Kaino is an old fashioned name that was given to both men and women, but you haven't seen that on this course.)

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