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"Where are the fork and the plate?"

Translation:Missä haarukka ja lautanen ovat?

June 30, 2020



Another valid way to say this would be "Missä ovat haarukka ja lautanen?", although it has marked as incorrect


I got "Missä haarukka ja lautanen on" marked as correct (I realized my mistake when I saw the correct answer) is it really? The message said the "ovat" was "Another correct solution", so it doesn't look like it's a case of duolingo being too permissive.


Duolingo always has one or max. two translations as the best ones, and if you use another permitted one it will show you that best one just to maybe steer you that way.

Technically, "on" is wrong here, because you have two items and it should thus be "ovat". But I guess many people (especially when speaking) are lazier than that and just go for "on", and that's why that's also accepted here. But if you ask me, that's being too permissive ;-)


Thanks, I'll try to get it right next time ☺


Well, opinions aside, can you provide me with a general rule-of-thumbish rule about when people decide to be lazy in particular? Can "ovat" just become "on" in general, or only in questions, or only if the plural subject has "ja" in it?


Why do we add "ovat"?


You need a verb (olla). Otherwise you would sound like a toddler.


In speech it is not that big of a deal if you leave "ovat" away.


Ai sanoisit "Missä haarukka ja lautanen?"?


Because you are asking


Where are the fork and the plate is a literal but unnatural translation to English.

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