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"Could you recommend something?"

Translation:Voisitteko suositella jotain?

June 30, 2020



Here it accepts only plural but in next (with the sushi) it accepts the sinä ( you singular) muoto. This is a problem in many sentences where translation from Engish you is required. If plural reply is expected please mention 'you (plural) so confusion can be avoided. Else allow both replies to be accepted.


The course is still in beta for this reason. Always report alternative translations using the small flag button. :)


Both "you" (singular and plural) should be accepted in this and all other questions, since both "you"'s are indistinguishable in English. Reported.


Do suositella and suosituinta the same word in the different cases? Or they are different words with the same root?


Suositella = to recommend

Suosituinta = the most popular (in partitive)

They both have a root in the word suosittaa, which also means to recommend but in a more formal way.

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