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"Mr. Pöllönen is always honest."

Translation:Herra Pöllönen on aina rehellinen.

June 30, 2020



so I just put this in Google Translate and... it says "Mr Owl". Is "Pöllönen" even a real name or is this just Duolingo being Duolingo and we are actually talking about an owl here?


"Pöllö" is Finnish for "an owl" while "-nen" is a common ending in Finnish surnames. However, I don't believe it's an actual surname that's in use, or at least it's not one I've ever bumped into. Similar, actual surnames do exist though (e.g. Pölönen).

Later on Duolingo also introduces you to the name "Pöllölä", which again isn't an actual surname as far as I know, but the "-la/-lä" ending is also a common suffix in surnames, including my own.


Thanks for your reply!


Many sentences don't seem to have the verb "on". Why is that?


Which sentences do you mean? This one does.

You can start a discussion about this over at the general Finnish board if you want.


Of course now I can't find a sentence without a verb :D I must have been confused, sorry.


Or you just need to do some more lessons until you find one... X-)

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