"Taobi azanti rȳbis."

Translation:The boys hear the knight.

June 30, 2020

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Why is it not always Taobi on some? It switches between Taobi and Taoba. Just when i think i have figured out the nominative and acussative verbs..It will be Taoba when I think it should be Taobi.


To summarize:

  • Taoba is the singular nominative form.
  • Taobi is the plural nominative.
  • Taobe is the accusative singular.
  • Taobī is the plural accusative.


I am so confused. What does nominative and accusative mean? Sorry for the trouble.


No problem, it's explained in the "Basics 2" tips

The nominative case is used with the subject of the sentence. It's considered the basic form of the noun, and is the form you'll learn first when you learn a new noun.

The second case you're going to learn about in this lesson is called the accusative case. The accusative case is used with the object of the sentence. For example, in the English sentence "The man sees the woman", "the man" is the subject (the seer), and would take the nominative case in Valyrian. "The woman", on the other hand, is the object (the seeee), and would take the accusative case.

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