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  5. "Osaatteko te laulaa?"

"Osaatteko te laulaa?"

Translation:Can you sing?

June 30, 2020



I am a bit confused... I thought the pronoun was not necessary in Finnish, except for He and Hän. However "Osaatteko laulaa?" is not accepted because the Te seems mandatory. When is the pronoun mandatory, when is it not? Thank you!


You are correct. Answer should be accepted. Next time please flag it.


All 3rd person pronouns are necessary, not just those two. 1st and 2nd person pronouns are not necessary.

[deactivated user]

    I think you are correct but the question asks to write what you hear, and te is to be heard.


    I tried "are you able" instead of "can" and was marked wrong. How would you say the former in Finnish?


    "Pystyttekö te laulamaan?" is what you could ask if you wanted to know if the people in question are physically able to sing right now, or perhaps you want to know they're not too emotionally overwhelmed or something like that. "Osaatteko te laulaa?" would also translate to "Do you know how to sing?"

    For example, "Do you know how to read?" = "Osaatko lukea?" But "Are you able to read without glasses?" = Pystytkö lukemaan ilman silmälaseja?"


    Osaatteko te nauraa?


    "Are you able" and "can you" are really very interchageable in english. I thought osaatko asked "do you have the ability - (to do something)". Correct? As opposed to asking someone if they would be prepared to give us a tune.

    "Can you.." could be used in exactly the same way. Either "do you have the ability" (=osaatko ?) Or "could you give us a tune" without more context both usages are correct, if my understanding of ossatko is right.

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