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  5. "Missä limonadi on?"

"Missä limonadi on?"

Translation:Where is the soda pop?

June 30, 2020



More commonly used word is "limsa"


Or "limppari" or "limu".


soda pop = lemonade


In English english not American english we never call LEMONADE soda pop !! Both answers should be correct ie soda pop and lemonade


In AE we never call lemonade soda pop either. I think the point is that that's the word they use for these mass-produced drinks such as Coca-cola or Pepsi Cola. It makes me wonder, however, what they call lemonade? Granted Google translate is not much of a reference, but they do say it's "limonadi."

On the American west coast we used to call these "soft drinks," but lately young people call them "sodas." I do think they used to be called "soda pops" in my parents' generation. How about in the UK?


I don't think we really have what you'd call "lemonade". There's either fruit-flavoured mass produced "limonadi" or there's juice (mehu) that you either press yourself or buy from a store. "Täysmehu" is (at least supposed to be) actual pressed fruits while "tiiviste(mehu)" is when the juice is a concentrate.


mustaherrukka puolukka mehujoma - I like it! I am sure it is made from "actual" black currant berries


British English for soda pop is "fizzy drink". Or it was. Younger people might have been Americanised


Limonaadi like I have always pronounced it and saw it written is just this "fizzy drink" in Finland too.

There is also wrong audio when it should be said limonadia (which I would still say limonaadia)

I was taught long ago in school that lemonade is actually juice that is made of lemon. :)


I've never heard anyone call soda 'limonadi' in Finland. Only seen it on labels of old timey sodas. Usually people say 'limsa' or 'limu'.


What is soda pop??


Carbonated sweet drinks like cola and fanta


❤❤❤ :D :D


I happened.to see in a 19th century Finnish dictionary that limonadia was translated as lemonade. Obviously there has been a change.


Why do I sometimes see it spelled limonadi and other times limonaati? I got it wrong for the second spelling, so now I'm curious.

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