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"Hey, can I borrow that charger?"

Translation:Hei, voinko minä lainata tuota laturia?

June 30, 2020



I think even the question forms do not need the personal pronouns


Indeed, it works just as well without the minä. Did you report it?


Yes. Hopefully eventually more right answers will be added. But i'm having fun in beta :D


Great! We're an important part of the process, even though it drives us crazy sometimes to just keep clicking and flagging and wondering...


Accepted without minä, 18 April '21


Could "that charger" also be written as a total object?


I have the same question. The laturi is a discrete, countable object, and I'd borrow the whole of it. Is the partitive here because of an element of uncertainty, i.e.: the answer to the question could be that no, I can't borrow it?


You can say voinko lainata tuon laturin. The meaning is a little bit different though. In this case you are asking permission to take it with you and keep it for a longer time whereas when you use the partitive voinko lainata tuota laturia it is understood that you are using it just the one time and returning it right away


I'd think because borrowing is an incomplete action, but I'm not sure. Wiktionary says: (borrow): In questions of permission e.g. "may/can I borrow it?", the partitive case is often used for the object instead. So maybe this is just a usage thing, like certain verbs going with certain cases.

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