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Finnish noun cases

Hey guys,

First I want to thank the Finnish team for making this amazing Finnish course!

However, I just started and I was wondering if the course also teaches us the cases or some of them. And if not, will it ever be added? Also, do you guys have good sources to practice and read about the cases?

I heard that the cases make the Finnish language difficult, so as soon as I'm finished with the course, then I'm going to start with the cases (if they're not taught here).

Thanks in advance!

June 30, 2020



I listed the course contents including the most important grammatical features such as cases in the welcome to the course post. :)


List of grammatical cases: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_grammatical_cases

Finnish only has 15 cases. In case you want more cases, try Hungarian. It has 18. In eight cases the Hungarian cases are same as in Finnish cases but ten of them are different cases. In some cases some Hungarian cases are same cases than Russian cases.

Hungarian noun cases: http://www.hungarianreference.com/Nouns/

Finnish noun cases: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_noun_cases


Since the course just released only a few of them are in the course right now, but they probably will be added in the future.


Ah okay! Do you also happen to know which cases are present in this course?


I've noticed it uses many of the common ones. If I remember correctly I've encountered nominative, genitive, accusative, partitive and some of the locative internal and external cases.


Try Uusi Kielemme. This is a very helpful website. Finnish cases are not easy but if you start with the location cases you will love it. It is very practical, they add a few letters as an ending to a word, and you just know is it "at" or "from" or "to", though it is not that simple.

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