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"I am thirsty. I want to drink soda pop."

Translation:Minulla on jano. Haluan juoda limonadia.

June 30, 2020



Pronunciation on 'jano' and limonadia' is wrong. Like with 'scandinavia' elsewhere, some american sounding 'a' got used by the speech synthesizer. Since Finnish is totally phonetic, without any exceptions, these mistakes surprise me. The same bit of audio for 'a' should be used everywhere to fix the issue


Soda pop is limonadia or limsaa in Finnish. Limsa is more used word.


Or limppari, which is also a more used word. I think using limonadi on this course is a compromise between these two (local? age-related?) colloquial variants. Besides, only limonadi is used on the label on Finnish soda pop bottles.


You can also say "Olen janoinen" for "I am thirsty" and "Olen nälkäinen" for "I am hungry"


"limsaa" should be accepted as an answer, it is much more widely used in finnish than "limonadia"


And don't forget limppari, limu and limukka!


Why «MINÄ haluan juoda limonadia» wasn't accepted? I understand that «haluan» already suggests persona prima singularis, but is the use of a subject always optional in such sentences?


"Minulla on jano. Haluan juoda limua." should also be accepted. Reported.

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