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"They don't eat any sweets after four o'clock."

Translation:Ils ne mangent aucune sucrerie après seize heures.

June 30, 2020



"Ils ne mangent pas de sucreries après seize heures" should be accepted. Reported.


I don't think so, because ne ... accune means any, or not one.


When is it sucrerie versus sucreries?


"Aucun(e)" meaning 'not one' is always associated with a singular noun. You can only use the plural "aucun(e)s" with a few nouns that are always used in the plural ("frais" = 'fees'; "funérailles" = 'funeral'; "ténèbres" = 'darkness'; "fiançailles" = 'engagement' etc.), or those that take a different meaning in the plural ("vacance" = 'vacancy'; "vacances" = 'holiday, vacation').


I presume bonbons refers to candy ( as DL likes to refer ) and sucrerie refers to sweet things amongst which candy could be included.


I thought sweets were bonbons


if you replace 'aucune sucrerie' with 'aucun bonbon' (bonbon is masculine not feminine) Duo accepts the sentence.


Only quatorze is accepted but two sentences after this, DL used quatre for four o'clock. In France, I have never heard in conversation anyone using military time. For the trains, yes.


Quatre heures is 4 a.m. Quatorze heures is 2 p.m. Seize heures is 4 p.m.


I think Kate's point is that Duo is not consistent - in this exercise the correct answer is seize heures, but two exercises earlier the correct answer was quatre heures for the same time - 4 o'clock in the afternoon


In Québec we use 24 hour clock in the french but 12 hour am/pm version in the english text.


"After four hours" duo response is stating "apres seize" is correct translation for "four"and not "quatre".


In this context it is the twenty four hour clock. Quatre heures is four in the morning, seize heures is four in the afternoon


What is wrong with "ne mangent pas de sucreries"? Why does it have to be "aucune" here?


This is completely inconsistent - suddenly "Ils ne mangent pas de sucreries (...)" doesn't work anymore, and there are no tips to direct the learner towards the specifics of the unit.


ils ne mangent aucun bonbons apres quatre heures l'apres midi... why is this not accepted?

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