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  5. "Joni harrastaa rallia."

"Joni harrastaa rallia."

Translation:Rally driving is Joni's hobby.

June 30, 2020



Joni has rally as a hobby should be accpeted


Joni's hobby is rally driving should be accepted


'Joni does rally driving as a hobby' should also be accepted. There are many ways to say the same thing.


This is so difficult to translate into English! Competitive driving is more of a sport than a hobby, but it's not something you 'play,' it's something you 'do,' but the verb really is 'drive' or 'compete' - very complex. Since the meaning of the sentence doesn't have a direct English translation I can see why Duo is struggling to define all the versions. "Joni drives in rallies... as a hobby," "Joni competes in rallies... as a hobby" should be added too. The 'hobby' ending is assumed without needing to be said in English through the habitual nature of the simple present verb.


Bro' you need to visit a German Autobahn if you think competetive driving is not a hobby for many....


The correct answer was, "Rally is Joni's hobby," but it should be, "Rallying is Joni's hobby."


It's also Teuvo's hobby, but it didn't turn out so well for him

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