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  5. "They are right here."

"They are right here."

Translation:Ne ovat tässä.

June 30, 2020



So, my courses in finnish are a while back and I may be completely wrong, but shouldn’t this be "He ovat tässä"? Is that a typo or am I missing something?

(Also, shouldn’t "ovat tässä" also be accepted?)


"They" can also refer to inanimate objects instead of people. Also, the Finnish word for "it" can be and often is used to refer to people. It's not meant as an insult nor is it interpreted as such. It's just colloquial. "Ovat tässä" should not be accepted because the subject can be omitted only in 1st and 2nd person.


Ah, I now remotely recall the existence of "Ne" for inanimate things, thank you.

Now I still wonder: should "He ovat tässä" be accepted? It isn’t clear to me from context that the sentence must refer to inanimate things, but English isn’t my mother tongue either :).


Yes, "he ovat tässä" definitely should be accepted as well.


It's listed as an alternative translation in our end. The Suuri Pöllö has probably not integrated it in the course yet. :)


Also, I just realised that this was a word picking based interface for me, so I couldn’t even have taken the He because it wasn’t offered. So that one’s on me, too.

Thanks for the swift reply.

Oh and also, thanks for this course. Learning Finnish (or rather, keeping it fresh) is what I originally wanted when I joined Duolingo! :)


Ok, so "he" for persons and "ne" for things?


It's "ne" for anything and "he" for people.


So it's like: hän on / se on and he ovat / ne ovat


Yes. It's worth mentioning that the difference between hän/he and se/ne is that the latter is more colloquial.


Good to know. Thanks!


How about "Ne ovat juuri tässä".


How about "He ovat tällä."?


Im hearing "te" instead of "ne"


So having read this thread, is my underatanding correct thinking that "ne" is used to refer to something inanimate? They are over there/those objects are over there? :)


"Ne" is used for anything, whether inanimate or not, whereas "he" is used exclusively for people or other personified beings. There is therefore overlap.

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