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"Mämmiä, ole hyvä. Haluatko kermaa ja sokeria?"

Translation:Here you are, some mämmi. Do you want some cream and sugar?

June 30, 2020



"some" should be allowable and optional on both cream and sugar.


I agree. Why is "some" mandatory?


Instinctively I put "Here you go" and not "here you are". I (and many English people I know) would use both phrases equally but I'm not sure if I should suggest it as an alternative answer, as many other English speakers may find this grammatically incorrect. Thoughts?


"Here you go" should be accepted. It's colloquial, but so is "here you are."


My screen gives me no access to the accent on mammi when I type the english version. And colloquial English really does not need the word 'some' in this sentence!


Why is "here you are" first?


'Cause in English, the "here you are" comes first. It just sounds weird to say it after the thing you're presenting: "Some mämmi, here you are."

In Finnish, apparently, it's the opposite, and it sounds weird to put it first.


"Some" should be optional. I would normally say "Do you want cream and sugar?" That answer was rejected.


I agree - 'cream and sugar' is a more colloquial English way of saying this. 'some' in this context would sound weird

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