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Hey! I just came across a website that teaches Dutch by providing subtitles to videos. I thought I should share with my fellow Duolingo users.



August 5, 2014


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I believe the best one is

There you can find a lot of videos with subtitles.

August 5, 2014

I haven't used your suggested website, but I love 2BDutch because they have double subtitles (I use English and Dutch--it makes it a lot easier to understand and pick up words.) Also, I visited the website and I don't know enough of the language to navigate it successfully. :( Is there a English version?

There is no English version. The site is for Dutch speakers.

Just save it, it will be very useful in future. It contains most television from the Netherlands.

Fantastic - you even get subtitles. Thanks a lot, Revember! :-)

This is amazing!

I don't believe that everything is avaible in other countries than the Netherlands due to international laws on television content... :/. Some things though are.

You could also take a look at this extension we made for studying languages with Netflix:

if you happen to be learning because you live in Amsterdam, or you are just a fan of local history, I found this set of programs great:

it is 50 10-15 minute short histories of Amsterdam from it's founding all the way to modern day. I loved it. (now I moved to The Hague, maybe I should look to see if there is one for here too).

This is awesome! Thanks! I wish the TTS sounded like these people, I could understand them a lot clearer.

Leuk, dank je wel!

thats cool love the web site

Thanks Phil, have a lingot.

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