"The crowd continued to scream all night."

Translation:La foule a continué à crier toute la nuit.

June 30, 2020

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a prior sentence was "continuer la grève" with no À, but this sentence " continué À crier" requires it.
I know the tips say the verb continuer requires À, so could someone clarify please? verb vs noun?


Continuer la grève has a noun as the direct object. Continuer à crier has a verb. You'd need à if instead of continuing the strike you said continuing to strike: continuer à faire la grève.


This was an ongoing action in the past and therefore should be imperfect. They never are known from this sentence to ever have stopped shouting!


I don't think that's correct. The action was not repeated and it was not described as interrupted by another action. The p.c. seems ok to me. French natives?

If they are continuing to shout into the present, French needs the present tense (not the imperfect) and English needs "have been shouting."


Why not "pendant" toute la nuit?


Hmm, I'm in two minds about this.

I think prefixing toute la nuit with pendant makes the expression a little more emphatic ("the entire night"), but I'm not sure that should be a problem.


What are some verbs that need ann a accent grave ?


the action was continuing in the past so it should be the imperfect tense


Shout instead of scream


Why not la bande instead of thr crowd?

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