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Wep page with links to Finnish resources

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In addition to some useful information and links, you'll also find links to Suomen mestari vol. 1-3 in PDF and the sound files for each volume. This is a widely-used monolingual Finnish language course. (The sound files are hosted on a third-party site. Downloading the files one by one is free, but a lot of work. To download all at once, you need a paid subscription to this site.)

Since this is an official website of a company (edunation) that "help[s] students from around the world to apply to Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences" and "has a wide network of partner universities and universities of applied sciences in Finland", I assume these download links don't violate copyright laws.

Although these books are meant to be used in a classroom environment (e.g. there are some exercises for partners), I think they can be a valuable resource for the serious learner. The key to the exercises is at the back.

June 30, 2020



Here's the current link to the information: https://www.edunation.co/blog/tips-learn-finnish-stay-finland/

Thanks for sharing it in the first place, Jileha!


Nice try, but your link has now expired, it leads to a 404 notice. Always a good idea to follow up on the links you post, they are generally time sensitive. I’m guessing the copyright owners for Suomen mestari didn’t like Edunation giving away their book.

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