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  5. "yksi kilo lihaa"

"yksi kilo lihaa"

Translation:one kilogram of meat

June 30, 2020



Previous comments have said the partitive case is not used with specific amounts. Is one kilo of meat not specific enough? I am confused.


I don't know what these "specific amounts" comments were, but I suspect the point was to convey that the partitive is (generally) used for undefined amounts, partial things, and uncountable stuff. One kilo is a whole kilo, but the kilo in Finnish in the sentence above is not in the partitive. Lihaa is, but we're not talking about one whole meat, because such a thing doesn't exist. Meat is an uncountable substance, and hence is in the partitive. Whole animals do exist: yksi lehmä, not yksi lehmää.

As a sidenote, even when counting discrete amounts, only one of something is in the nominative, e.g. yksi kilo. Fractions and more than one involve the partitive: puoli kiloa, kaksi kiloa. Or e.g. puoli lehmää if you had half a cow (carcass). This is a somewhat separate usage of the partitive, more of a rule for counting things than purely context-driven from partialness or the lack thereof.


Please, why lihaa en not liha? One kilogram is very specific, right?


One kilo meat should be correct too.


No, that's incorrect English. Leaving out the "of" in English would be like forgetting the partitive in Finnish.


I agree that one kilo meat is correct in English: in a specific context: list form. What is in this recipe? What is left in the fridge? Etc. While one wouldn't leave off the "of" in a sentance involving one kilo of meat, one would never include it in list form.


I ask for one kilo of anything I'm buying.


So the "of" in this sentence is the second "a" in "lihaa"?


No. You can't just translate word to word or component to component, you need to think about the meanings. The "of" in English has no direct equivalent in the Finnish sentence, it's just implied that the weight measure given is about the meat, due to them appearing in the same sentence/clause.

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