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  5. "Missä te seisotte?"

"Missä te seisotte?"

Translation:Where are you standing?

June 30, 2020



where do you stand should be accepted here as well, shouldn't it? or would that be a very different translation?


Yes, it should be accepted. Report if you see it again.


This comes up in many places, but.... you all or y'all should be acceptable as a second person plural / for te.


"Y'all" perhaps, but "you all" translates to "te kaikki". I'm aware that "y'all" is just short for "you all", but there's also "all y'all", which is more inclusive. Just "y'all" may refer to a certain set of members within a group (just like "te"), but "all y'all" definitively includes everyone in the group (just like "you all" and "te kaikki"), so as far as I know, there can be a subtle difference in usage between "y'all" and "you all". Either way, "you" means both "sinä" and "te" so it's not necessary to use different words for them.


LOL and then there's also youse, youse guys, all yall'ses, and so on. Still, it would be helpful to somehow indicate 2nd plural somehow, to get in the habit of being conscious of the distinction. I wonder how the other courses do this? And if they even do?


When it comes to writing English translations, I don't think other courses approach this matter any differently. But when it comes to writing translations in the other language, there may be sentences where something indicates that the plural 2nd person pronoun is the only option. For example in the German course, the learner would be required to translate "you two" as "ihr beide(n)" because "du beide(n)" just wouldn't make sense.

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