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"we and you"

Translation:me ja te

June 30, 2020



This feels like a very strange phrase, does it come up often in Finnish? I can't help but think that just "we" would be used most often in english. e.g. "We are, and you are" would just be "We are" or "We all are"


Hmm, that is a good question! But I think I do use that. One can also say "me" tai "me kaikki" (we all) and I'm trying to come up with an example for this one... all I can think of is e.g. from something my childhood, when we had birthday parties of other cousins whatsoever and I was talking with my cousin and she would ask who all are going there, I could count the people as groups and "me" would have been my family and "te" her family, and so on :D


Does Finnish have Clusivity? This sentence would translate meaningfully into Ojibwe but less so in English.


I would prefer Te ja me which would be You and us

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