"Je le lui expliquais tous les jours, il était si bête !"

Translation:I used to explain it to him every day; he was so stupid!

June 30, 2020

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that's a nice sentence to be taught.


I explained it to him every day. He was so stupid!


hmm..I'm thinking I might have been the inspiration for this exercise


That's a very unkind way to speak about someone.


I think that Duolingo should stop constructing sentences to translate that are demeaning to people.


Don't use "he's so stupid." Duo doesn't recognize contractions.


I think using "stupid" is a little too strong. Dumb is better. Stupide in French and estupido in Spanish, I think, are similarly strong. Bête and tonto (in Spanish) are milder insults like dumb. Could they all translate as "silly"? None of these are nice things to say, I realize. What do people think?


Dumb is a slang American expression. Dumb in English refers to a non speaking person, but is not often used now since it has a jarring effect. The American use has changed our meaning.


Using the term "dumb" you describe a someone who's non verbal has always had negative connotations.


"Dumb" is not an appropriate word. It's discriminatory and ableist. It shouldn't be included here and I seriously hope they're not teaching it to English language learners


Omg. "Dumb" has meant stupid for at least 100 years. It is now ablist to call somebody with a speech disability dumb, but not the other way around!



as a registered idiot, I think I'm more offended by the word police taking away my freedom of word choice than I am of being called stupid or dumb. I'm glad you have a moral code, but please don't forcefully inflict your opinion on others~ it tends to take away their own opinions, and that's an even greater offense. Thank you.

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