"They are friends, and they both are laughing."

Translation:Elles sont amies et elles rient toutes les deux.

June 30, 2020

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"Ils sont amis et tous les deux rient" is accepted. 1) But is "tous les deux rient" a more common usage (than "ils rient tous les deux")? 2) Is it wrong to say "ils sont des amis"?


1) I don't think do. I'm not used to hearing that word order in France, but tous les deux atvthe end of a sentence is very common. 2) Yes. If you want to use the article des it would have to be «Ce sont des amies, et elles rient toutes les deux.» (which Duo accepted)


You can use ils, but the phrase toutes les deux has to be masculine to match the pronoun.


So apparently it has to be elles. I don't know why. They can be ils or elles, right?

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