Anyone watching "Extra en Espanol" TV show targetted at Spanish learners?

First seven episodes on youtube. Where can I find the rest?

It's absolutely perfect for beginners and intermediate students.

Much recommended.

EDIT: I found it!!!

Includes vocab flashcards!

5 years ago


Thanks so much for the link. I've just accessed the first episode and loved it. Sorry I can't help you locate the others but would be delighted to know myself. There's nothing quite like humour [and a slower rate of speech] to help one learn!

5 years ago

Do anyone know if you can buy the dvd do they have any for extra?

1 year ago
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Search on Youtube for the user: ApfelstrudelXXX He/she appears to most of the episodes for the program: Extra en Español of which "la llegada de Sam" is only the first part.

5 years ago

I just started watching it! It's hilarious. I also want to buy the DVD but I can't seem to find it for now

1 month ago
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