"Remboursez-le-moi ou je pars avec la caisse !"

Translation:Pay me back for it, or I'm leaving with the cash register!

June 30, 2020

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Can't wait to use this one in real life!


Duolingo lessons for thieves


In wordbank mode I left out "for it." Accepted without. Good.


pay me back for it or i leave with the cash register was not accepted


"Repay me for it or I'll leave with the cash register!" is accepted.


"Pay me back for it or I'm leaving with the cash register" was accepted.


Should be "Pay it back to me" or "Reimburse it to me"; "it" is the object here not "me".


i give up trying to do aural exercises with stupid, incomprehensible voices


I thought the 'le' referred to money to be refunded/reimbursed/repaid/paid back, not what the money was spent on, so I tried 'Repay it to me...', which was rejected. Does anyone know of a good reason for the rejection?


Ckendall19 and Doubkelingot, I thing the key is the verb tense. Perhaps you should say "I'm leaving" or "I'll leave", instead of "I leave"


I didn't translate 'le' because it is not always necessary in other exercises (for example in 'le dire'. But in this case 'pay me back' is rejected. Can someone explain this to me?


Would DUO accept it if I used the word reimburse?


Remboursez le-moi ou je pars avec la casse. This is typo DUO, TYPO!


This is such bad english psy me back should be acceptable as the french implies pay me back as well


Pay me back for it can be an idiom for a thump on the nose - which would probably be merited for this type of behaviour!


I could be wrong but I don't think the le necessarily means anything. Could it be that rembourser is a transitive verb and so takes a direct object. Lui is an indirect object so you cant say remboursez-lui on its own you need an object such as remboursez-lui l'argent, pay him back the money. If you just want to say pay him back you need le to take the place of the direct object. It's similar to "tell him" translating to dis-le-lui.

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