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  5. "Au! Tuhma poni!"

"Au! Tuhma poni!"

Translation:Ouch! Naughty pony!

June 30, 2020



I love that this is in the everyday phrases unit. "Hello!" "Yes, please!" "I'll take a coffee!" "Ow, bad pony!"


Hey, expect the unexpected! ;)


Tuhma poni syö kaikki pulla!



Tuhma poni syö kaikki pullat (all the pulla buns, every single one of them)/kaiken pullan (all the pulla). In the latter "pulla" is used as a material word, as in "all the bread" instead of "all the slices of bread".


I don't get it. Tuhma koira translated to bad dog gave me an error, however on another excersize I've got a place to fill with the word 'pony' next to the word 'bad'. So there's a naughty dog and a bad pony?


I would assume it's just an oversight in the alternate solution department, and you just need to flag it as "my answer (bad dog) should be accepted" if it happens again.


I feel like a pony could do a lot more damage than just "ouch". Depending what it did, I suppose...


The pony's name is Charlie. Charlie bit my finger...


Shouldn`t it be a cat or dog not a pony cause whens the last time u saw a pony and it probobly didnt bite or kick or something


Do you suppose that it is important to distinguish bad from naughty in scolfing a pony?

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