"l'arrêt de bus"

Translation:the bus stop

June 30, 2020

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Why isn't bus station accepted? Isn't bus stop and bus station the same????


No. A bus stop is mostly on a street on the route. A bus station is where busses are housed and where they begin and end their routes.


I am deaf so I can't hear the oral Duolingo and I think I'm unfairly penalised because I opt not to do the oral exercises. Maybe Duolingo could supply a written-only version?


Good Point! you need to go over to the "help" forum. this forum is essentially never read by Duo


I cannot tell; is the 't' at the end of arrêt pronounced or not?


When the word is alone: no.

When the word is followed by a word starting with a consonant (= this case): no.

When the word is followed by a word starting with a vowel: I can't find a case where it would be pronounced ("arrêt immédiat", "arrêt en urgence", "arrêt en cours"... no).

This last case I'm talking about is the vast and ridiculous world of French liaisons.


Why not arrêt du bus?


it is a noun modifying noun construction, so the article is dropped.


It really sounds like she's saying "du" on both normal and slow speeds, no matter how many times I listen. The new cartoon voices are really terrible and harder to understand.


More importantly why aren't they pronouncing the "s" for bus? It sounds like he's saying the mud stop

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