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  5. "Minulla on mehua."

"Minulla on mehua."

Translation:I have juice.

June 30, 2020



Why "mehua" and not "mehu"? I miss the tips section here. :(


Because you can't have an entire juice. Since it is a liquid substance, you can only have some of it. That's why you need to use partitive case, which, as the name implies, indicates a partialness (among other things).


Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!


Why would "I have the juice" be considered wrong? Finnish doesn't use articles so is there a distinction between when it can and can't be translated with an article in English?


I believe "I have the juice" would be 'Mehu on minulla'.

When the indefinite article 'a', or nothing, precedes the English subject in a possessive or existential sentence, the Finnish subject follows the possessor or location. When the definite article 'the' precedes the subject, the Finnish subject goes before the possessor or location.

And if the Finnish subject precedes the possessor or location, it's nominative. If it follows the possessor or location, and is an uncountable mass noun, then it's partitive.


Didn't know Lizzo speaks Finnish

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