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Translating articles - I'm confused!

Now that I have finished the Spanish 'tree', I would like to do other activities such as translating the articles that are available. However I find that when I hover over the text, the translation appears for me.

I know that it is possible to review and improve others' translations, but is it also possible for me to start from scratch with translating these articles and work through it from the beginning? If so, how do I do this?

Kind regards,


August 5, 2014



Hi Dom,

Those hover-translations are rough at best. One thing that I do is upload the article first into www.ReadLang.com. I open a word document and get to work. If I am stuck on something, I use ReadLang. Then, I can translate as much as I want before uploading the content onto Immersion for others to check and/or help me finish translating. I hope this helps! ^_^


Thanks so much for the tip usagiboy - just signed up for ReadLang and it looks awesome!


I have the paid account. I believe it is $5 every three months. The tech crew is great too. Whenever I run into a problem they email me and we get it sorted out. And I don´t work for them, in case anyone is wondering lol. They are simply my second favorite language resource after Duolingo at the moment.


Having a few probs getting it 'bookmarked' or added as an extension to Chrome on my iPad - will contact their helpful tech crew as suggested! Do you take the articles off Duolingo then upload them back, or do you just get them from ReadLang or elswhere then upload them to Duolingo once done?


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