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Is there any way to make the Finnish spell check more precise?

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I make a lot of "typos" (i.e. spelling errors) which are not flagged as such. As a result, I find myself constantly checking the sentence discussion page to verify my spelling. This should not be necessary.

Is there any way to make the spell check much more ristrictive? By all means, let the incorrect spelling pass as typo if that's the way it has to be, but please show at least all spelling errors marked as such at the bottom.

July 1, 2020



Agreed: a lot of my typos slip past too. I flag them as "My answer should not have been accepted," but I'd prefer to get dinged for them.


We can't really change how the Duolingo logic for typos work. We can just add alternative translations but we really can't add incorrect spellings as alternative translations. Those should be actual translations, not typos, and besides, the possibilities of spelling errors are pretty much endless.


Yes, it is a right pain. If I have doubts I check the sentence discussion where the spelling is right. I also drill with Memrise which is less forgiving of typos.

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Which Memrise course do you use?


I'm using several Hungarian ones - all require strict spelling.

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