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"Is it the right direction for the museum?"

Translation:È la direzione giusta per il museo?

May 13, 2013



why not "al museo"?


i think because the question could signify something closer to "is it the right direction for the museum to take?" (as in managing the institution itself), instead of "is it the right direction TO the museum?", as "al museo" would signify


I wonder why "È giusta la direzione per il museo" isn't accepted by DL. Can someone please explain this to me?


i think your sentence asks if the direction is right, instead of asking if thats the right direction


Why "direzione destra" should be wrong? How I can know if they mean "giusta" or "destra" when in English both are translated "right"??


Giusta means correct, while destra means the orientarion or direction right. In English it is common to use "right" to imply correctness or the direction, but it seems it is not acceptable in Italian. In this context the person is looking for affirmation of their directions, thus giusta is the only correct answer


la direzione è giusta per il museo? why è first in DL translation? Aren't we generally told to use the positive construction and the question us in the voice?


Couldn't you also say "la via giusta"? =the right way?


"La strada giusta" would be better.


Thanks -I think you're right. La via giusta got about 2 million google hits and La strada giusta got about 45 million! It seems both are used more in a metaphorical sense though.


I have the same question


Could you also say "la buona direzione" or is that kind of a weird thing to say? Thanks for any reply. :)

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